Recortes interesantes iPad vs Flash

Seguro hay muchos más por ahí pero de los que ido captando estos días éstos son los que me han parecido más bien argumentados.

  • Enrique Duvós iPads y lentejas
    • (…)Abrir esos dispositivos (iPhone, iPad) a una tecnología (Flash) que permita al usuario visualizar contenidos y aplicaciones sin pasar por el AppStore supone claramente perder el control de toda la cadena de desarrollo, publicación y distribución de contenidos, algo en lo que Apple ha invertido mucho y ha sabido monetizar tan exitosamente(…)
    • (…)Curiosamente versiones Beta de Flash Player 10.1 se ejecutan sin problemas en móviles tipo Nexus One, Palm Pre o Droid, los tres con procesadores mucho menos avanzados que el que monta iPad(…)
  • Richard Leggett “The World is Moving to HTML 5” and Other Flights of Fancy
    • (…)The issue now is that things are looking a bit dated, the browser can now natively do what Flash applications were doing 5 years ago. This is a never ending game of cat and mouse, no-one can argue one is better than the other when nothing is standing still.(…)
    • (…)Let’s take the hot topic of the day, the <video> tag; it doesn’t even replace what you could do with Flash 8 or 9(…)
    • (…)It’s also the case that displacing Flash will not get rid of annoying banner ads, agencies will just use <canvas> and <video>, don’t kid yourself, it’ll be those same Flash developers making it, they would simply re-tool and utilise their existing experience to produce infuriating ads in whatever makes the biggest impact(…)
    • (…)I can’t wait till we get through this next transitionary period, with web designers having to spend twice the effort providing Flash fallbacks to video, companies encoding and hosting their videos twice for Firefox, licenses and royalties for h264, this will be another messy, frustrating time for web users and progress may slow(…)
  • cshoton en un comentario…
    • (…)Apple says they disallow Flash because (pick one) it’s buggy, it’s a CPU hog, it’s proprietary, etc. But they also disallow Java and it is none of those things. And they do it for the same reason that they do it for Flash. And it has NOTHING to do with their stated reasons. It is, quite simply, because Flash and Java can both be delivered via the web, completely bypassing the App Store. Period(…)
  • Isofarro en un comentario…
    • (…)The use of the word “accessible” above is disingenuous. Accessibility isn’t about using HTML, and layering CSS and JavaScript on top of that. Accessibility is about creating accessible interfaces using accessibility supporting technologies, of which Flash is one of them(…)
    • (…)So Flash doesn’t have perfect levels of accessibility support (cf. Flex), the pure Flash approach is good enough. As a counterpoint HTML5 has some serious failing and lapses in it’s accessibility support (cf. Canvas)(…)
  • Joeflash Why Flash is Not on The iPad
    • (…)the fact of the matter is, the major (front-end) technologies that make up the internet today are HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. Take one away, and you have a crippled, stunted information delivery platform.(…)
    • (…)The internet is the Matrix, and Steve Jobs is Agent Smith.(…)